Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council Ready To SLASH Fluke Catch Quota

Fluke Summer FlounderA dramatic collapse in the reproduction of summer flounder off the East Coast may mean a sharp cut in the catch quota for both commercial and recreational fishermen next summer, according to a science committee on the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council. But a 43-percent cut in the quota has been proposed for a late July meeting of the council, when a decision is expected at that time. That would reduce this year’s quota of roughly 22 million pounds to just 12 million pounds next year. Read the rest here 17:10

One Response to Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council Ready To SLASH Fluke Catch Quota

  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    So what the council is saying is that there will never be a directed fluke fishery ever again. Even at it’s highest level of abundance here in the Northeast we were never allowed a true directed fishery. This proves beyond a reasonable doubt what is going on here.
    Going by their rules there will never be enough fish in the ocean to satisfy their utopian dreams of being able to walk on the fish because there are so many. And by the way if this claim they make was true, which I don’t believe, wouldn’t it prove that so many were right when they said that we were doing more harm to the resource by not harvesting it because when the stock is at it’s peak nature will kick in and the spawning levels will drop in order to allow the species to sustain itself?
    Much like the arctic lemmings who commit suicide by diving off cliffs into the ocean in order to save the rest of the species by not wiping out their food source.
    Playing God is a fools errand. If these fools think they can do it this should prove there is only one who can. And he doesn’t play.
    And I too am seeing many baby fluke. It’s not about conservation, it’s about elimination and they are winning the battle. Slowly but surely they are whittling us down and soon there won’t be enough voices to fight back, hell we are probably there already.

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