Good News for Fishermen in the Northeast Atlantic!

Today, the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) delivered an overview of the status of a host of fish and shellfish stocks across the Northeast Atlantic for which the organization has provided advice on this year. “Over the last ten to fifteen years, we have seen a general decline in fishing mortality in the Northeast Atlantic and the Baltic Sea,” explained Kirkegaard. “The stocks have reacted positively to the reduced exploitation and we’re observing growing trends in stock sizes for most of the commercially important stocks.” Read the rest here 19:24

  • DickyG

    Let’s see the fishery decimating bureaubots, the Eco-NGO zealots, and all manner of other fishing industry scapegoating entities, take a ride on a vessel such the one pictured above, in a seaway such as pictured above, before they indict fishermen as uncaring resource destroyers, in it for the windfall profits only?

    And let’s see if the good stock news from The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea has any favorable implications for the (same as the U.S. fishermen) unnecessarily-regulated-to-hell EU and Icelandic fishermen.