‘Wicked Tuna’ captains barred from Bluefin Blowout

A spokesman for the reality TV show explained: “The fifth season of ‘Wicked Tuna’ will be in production during the Bluefin Blowout this year and, though the show has highlighted the tournament in prior years, we are focusing on the competition between our featured boats for the new season. As a result, the ‘Wicked Tuna’ captains will unfortunately not be able to compete in the Blowout this time around.”  Dave Carraro, said he was disappointed with show’s decision.,,  (photo GMGRead the rest here 09:33

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  1. Truly disappointed in the WICKED BAD decision made by Wicked Tuna! This as totally unnecessary and frankly inconsiderate on their part. The Bluefin Blowout is in it’s 4th year. Having their OWN FISHERMEN who have been fishing these shores LONG BEFORE the show came into existence be BANNED from the tourney is preposterous. Their presence helps to escalate the exposure of the tournament, (by virtue of their fans coming down to support them), which in turn drives more tourism opportunities to the City of Gloucester. But why support Americas Oldest Seaport? That is the message I am hearing from Wicked Tuna.