US wants struggling fishermen to pay for observers

observer coverageNow, with federal funding for the controversial program set to run out this fall, the region’s long-beleaguered fishermen are being told they have to pay for the observers themselves — or they can’t fish. “This could be the final hit that pushes us into bankruptcy, causing the collapse of the whole fleet,” said Phil Lynch, 45, a Scituate fisherman who has persisted while the number of groundfishing boats in the region has plummeted by more than 70 percent over the past decade. “The guys still left will be gone.” Be sure to read the comments at the bottom. Read the rest here 15:23

  • philips66

    look at the idiot comments at the Globe! Somebody should always report that the observer is lucky to get $150 the rest goes to Rosenberg profits!

    • DickyG

      The ridiculously ignorant and vitriolic comments in the Globe sadly show how the Pew propaganda machine has succeeded.

  • Rocky Novello


  • Joel Hovanesian

    These comments are proof positive that the new world order is alive and well.