Seabrook, New Hampshire honors fishermen lost at sea

seabrook fisherman memorialThe first days of October had been warm in 1851, and seas were calm in the Gulf of St. Lawrence as much of the New England fishing fleet worked in the waters not far from Prince Edward Island.  That picturesque scene would change unexpectedly, when the ocean grew heavy with swells and the winds rose fiercely. What would be known as the “Yankee Gale” struck on the evening of Friday, Oct. 3. By Monday morning, when the storm finally subsided, records show from 70 to 90 boats were sunk, capsized or wrecked ashore, and 160 men lost their lives, leaving families and friends at home in mourning. The Yankee Gale took most of New England’s fishing vessels. In Gloucester alone, 19 fishing boats went down. Read the rest here 10:25

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