Op-Ed: Moving forward in the Gulf: Reduce bycatch but protect Alaska’s communities

Just allocating shares easily turns into a windfall for some followed by a fairly predictable concentration of wealth. For example, if catch shares are bought and sold, fishing privileges become consolidated into the hands of fewer owners with the most access to financial capital – and skipper and crew jobs are lost. If shares are allowed to take on the character of a perpetual property right, fishing practices can become institutionalized even if they should be modified for conservation or fairness. High capital cost of entering the fishery becomes a barrier to the next generation. Flight of access to fisheries resources from coastal communities can lead to a cascade of social, cultural and economic hardships. Read more

  • borehead

    But, you have seen that car before, Alaska, and I believe you’ve driven it too.

    • Alaska Gal

      Yup, saw the car, and horse — rode it hard and put it away wet. Nice to hear the AMCC speaking up…though it would have been far nicer if they had used their strength and numbers to rally against catch shares back when Gulf Crab Rationalization initially raised its ugly head. 90% of the Kodiak fleet and crewmen were fighting for their community and jobs, yet when AMCC members met privately with David Axelrod, Obama’s then Righthand man, did the subject even come up?

      • Joel Hovanesian

        Power corrupts. Just follow the $$$$$$$$$$$. Nuff said!