Tuna Fever hits Newfoundland and Labrador! Gerry Byrne calls for equal tuna fishing access – Immediately!

“Newfoundland and Labrador was largely left out and, despite now having more lucrative opportunities to participate the fishery, this province continues to be left out, “ said Byrne. “It’s simply not fair and must be corrected. DFO should immediately implement the ‘Gail Shea Halibut solution’ and give Newfoundland and Labradorians equal access to the resource as all other provinces regardless of recent catch history.” Byrne is calling for several hundred tuna licences to be immediately issued to Newfoundland and Labrador and that all licences should be made ‘Atlantic Wide” in order to allow fishermen to adjust to the migratory patterns of the fish. Read the rest here 13:43

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