‘It’s really wicked bittersweet’ – Fair Wind, Billy!

55e12ecb70b93.imageWell, they could have just laid him out atop a wooden pyre and lit him up like a viking, but that might have been a tad extreme even for Bill Skrobacz’ friends at the Crow’s Nest. In his 63rd year, after more than four decades of being whipsawed by the life of a commercial fisherman, William Dixon Skrobacz has had enough. He’s had enough of the physical rigors of fishing that have gnarled his hands and hobbled and scarred his legs. He’s had enough of NOAA regulations up the ying and last winter’s snow up the yang. The view from where Skrobacz stands (or in this case, sits) is simple: He did not leave fishing; fishing left him, or perhaps more accurately, was ripped away by suffocating layers of bureaucracy and regulations that have stranded him with fewer places to fish and not enough fish to carve out a living. Read the rest here 08:01

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  1. philips66 says:

    Sad day, shows we are losing the war. Jane wins again, we lose another good fisherman to early govt forced retirement

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