It was ‘going to turn ugly’ – Equalize P.E.I., N.L. tuna quotas, says MP Gerry Byrne

Gerry Byrne says his province’s tuna quota should climb from 13 per cent to a quarter of the catch following a decision  earlier this spring by the federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Gail Shea. Shea changed the rules when she divided a 20 per cent increase in the Gulf of St. Lawrence halibut quota equally between the Atlantic provinces. That decision increased Newfoundland’s halibut quota by 9 per cent and gave P.E.I. an 87 per cent boost. “These are the rules that we didn’t ask for, they were created for us. Forgive us for asking those rules to be enforced across the board,” said Byrne. Read the rest here 08:07

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