Britain’s hard-toiling fishermen are cast and crew of Channel 4’s new fishing documentary series The Catch

briton the catchRugged, taciturn and fearless, fishermen are the last-action heroes of the high seas. Or so gung-ho documentaries such as Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch encourage us to believe. “A lot of these shows are built around sensationalizing the danger,” says Incledon, who gained his sea-legs filming Lifeboat Rescue for the BBC in 1999. “The reality of what fishermen do and how they interact is far more interesting. They are a tight-knit bunch and don’t trust outsiders. They’re incredibly superstitious: no women on board, don’t cut sandwiches into triangles, never say ‘rabbit’ [old sea lore dictates that mere mention of the word will bring ill fortune].” Read the rest here 13:44

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