BIG STORY! – Prodigy to pariah: N.J. oysterman’s bizarre battle with the state

New Jersey oyster farmers – But what really horrifies them is a more recent tale involving one of their own: Marc Zitter, a rookie farmer who found brief, stunning success growing oysters, only to be brought to his knees in a bizarre two-year battle with the State of New Jersey. The story, laid out in a lawsuit, interviews, emails, investigation reports and other court documents, began in September of 2013, when camouflage-clad NJ Department of Environmental Protection conservation officers began secretly videotaping Zitter’s operations in Delaware Bay and on a barge in Dias Creek, a small tributary in Cape May County. The following month, 10 officers swooped in and shut down Zitter’s operation in a dramatic show of force. Read the rest here 17:10

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