Common sense and disaster relief – Paul Cohan, Gloucester

The most important consideration in the now-contentious discussion of disaster relief distribution is the definition of the term “disaster” and its respective impacts upon the individuals affected. If a tornado were to touch down in a community and wreak such havoc for that community that a disaster declaration was warranted, relief would be distributed proportionately to the damage incurred. The guy who lost his whole house would be entitled to receive more assistance than the guy who had a few windows blown out. That only makes sense. So why are we having such a difficult time with what should be a pretty straightforward issue? Read the rest here 08:41

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  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    This whole council system is a failure. No let me rephrase that. The council system is a success for the well connected with agendas that just don’t include fishermen as a whole. The failure lies with us, the overwhelming majority of individuals, owners, crews, processors and affiliated business’s that were part of the industry who played by their rules and were foolish enough to think that they were doing it out of the best interest of all.

    Back in the day we burned logbooks when they were shoved down our throats. What ever happened to the men and women who used to see injustice for what it was then went out and did something about it?

    No we allowed ourselves to be fragmented, allowed the system to pick winners and losers based on what the government decided was right not the people.

    We, including myself allowed this to happen. This is yet another example of what we have become as a nation. While the winners and losers were being decided those who stood to gain did so at the expense of their neighbor and fellow fisherman .And the winners knew all along what was happening was wrong. Greed is what has destroyed us Paul.

    Perhaps it’s time more folks started looking at their bibles and get back to the foundations and morality that made this nation what it used to be! Or, perhaps it’s to late.

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