Senator Ayotte Challenges NOAA regional administrator John Bullard over fishing regulation’s.

Fishermen aired grievances face to face with federal officials they say are ruining their industry, backed in person by U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., who arranged the meeting at Pease Tradeport Friday. Ayotte backed fishermen, telling Bullard that the regulations fly in the face of federal law. She said the Magnuson-Stevens Act which sets parameters for fishery management requires NOAA balance the fisheries’ health with the welfare of fishing communities. Read the rest here 14:09

  • Joel Hovanesian

    Bullard is a puppet for the enviro groups. When he is done destroying the fishing industry he will be hailed as a hero by these same groups then given a nice lucrative job with a generous benefit package to add to his portfolio of taxpayer funded retirement accounts.
    As the former mayor of New Bedford fishermen were at one time hopeful of getting a fair shake. They couldn’t possibly have been more wrong. The senator is right about the law, but hey, these people are from the government and the law means nothing to them

  • Rocky Novello

    High praises for NH’S SEN.KELLY AYOTTE who is fighting for commercial fishing ! When are the other fishing state’s senators joining in , to help stop this runaway federal agency , NOAA