Possible World Record breaker for longest lobster roll at the P.E.I. Shellfish Festival

2015-09-20-07-08-10-20092015-PRV-shellfish5%20mmAt 79-feet and one-inch long, organizers felt the sandwich was big enough to earn the Guinness world record. The sandwich was prepared by Charlottetown chef Ross Munro, Food Network Canada chef Lynn Crawford and Indiana chef Matt Nolot. “Partying, shucking and shellfish. It’s great,” said Munro after the record attempt. “I’m very happy, it’s always fun to bring something different to the Island.” The roll also was made with 75 pounds of lobster donated by the P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association, as well as 20 litres of mayonnaise, 24 lemons and five pounds of red onion. Read the rest here

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