School Principle bans seafood from lunches because one student has a seafood allergy! BRILLIANT!

One of the largest elementary schools on P.E.I. has banned seafood from students’ lunches because a student has a life-threatening allergy. Parents at Stratford Elementary received a memo this week saying students can no longer bring seafood of any kind to school.”Fish is a new one, so I think that causes a bit of you know, a bit of a pain for parents. It’s a new one and I even had a parent ask me today, you know, ‘what’s next?’ and really don’t have the answer to that,” said principal Kenny MacDougall. “As principal of the school, I have to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students and that’s why we’re asking parents’ cooperation in such a serious matter.”MacDougall said staff try their best to make sure banned foods don’t enter the school. He’s asking parents and students to be extra cautious when packing lunches. Link 10:25

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