Fish like a girl: This 23-year-old lobsterwoman from Maine is her own boss

Sadie Samuels just might be the most badass woman on the water.“When I was younger, I felt questioned by others, like whether I could do this,” Samuels said. “It makes you start to question yourself. I was like, ‘Can I do this? Am I strong enough to lift these traps?’” She made a wide circle and sidled her boat up next to the buoy. “And as I do it,” she continued, “I’m like, ‘Hell yeah, I am.’” “One thing I like about being a girl out here is that they can’t pay me less than a guy,” Sadie Samuels shouted over the grinding sound of her lobster boat’s mechanical pulley as it hoisted a trap up from the bottom of the ocean. Read the rest here 08:29

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