Tuna fisherman angry at Kermadec Sanctuary

Despite conservationists hailing the New Zealand government’s decision to turn the Kermadec Islands into a giant marine sanctuary, covering 600-thousand square miles, it hasn’t gone down well with some in the fishing industry. Charles Hummet, who’s based in Nelson, runs a tuna fleet out of Fiji. He told Jim Mora there was no consultation with the industry and says it’s a short-sighted decision. Absolutely staggered really because we talk about our quota management system and how it’s such a good system we’ve got and so on and to suddenly announce in New York,,, Audio, Read the rest here 09:25

One Response to Tuna fisherman angry at Kermadec Sanctuary

  1. DickyG says:

    There is no end to this reprehensible, arrogant, and ignorant dismantling of independent family owned fishing operations worldwide. Almost half of New Zealand’s fish quotas are owned and fished by foreign (to New Zealand) conglomerates. Now this move will chase New Zealand fishermen farther off their own traditional Tuna grounds as these “marine protected areas” have done to Hawaiian and Samoan Tuna fishermen.

    This kind of “conservation” is not about conservation. It”s a front for the corporate oligarchy to privatize then market-capitalize and own pretty much every human activity and resource on the planet!

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