Repackaged, Warmed-Over PR Ploys From Greenpeace: Different Hashtag, Same Scam

earthjustice $upereco-manHow many times can Greenpeace recycle the same old publicity stunts before they finally exhaust the gullibility of the news media?  That seems to be the wager behind the global fundraising organization’s announcement of its latest manufactured attack on the seafood industry.  In a press release Greenpeace executive John Hocevar—who lacks real-world expertise in fisheries management specifically and commercial enterprise generally—lists off imagined crimes against sustainability committed by the tuna industry and ominously warns “there is no future” for providing tuna to consumers.  He threatens “a global pressure campaign” unless “the entire tuna industry” switches to fishing practices that he prefers. Pole and Line! Read the rest here 15:59

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