Sam Parisi – Fishermen need a farm bill

manatthewheelOver the past five years NOAA has imposed strict regulations on cod and other groundfish. Our fleet has gone from 200 vessels down to about 65. At the same time, if you can make sense out of this, NOAA has increased rental space by two thirds and has employed three times more workers. In the last two years, our small boats have been particularly hurt due to closures of inshore fishing grounds. Now rumor has it that NOAA,,, Read the rest here 07:41

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  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    The playing field in Washington DC will not change until you vote in those who believe in getting the government out of our business and who believe in stopping the crony capitalism which has been taken to unseemly levels (with our tax dollars) with the current lawless administration and a number of those in both houses of congress..

    I am a little worried to read this statement…. without some hint of verification from the source. To wit:

    “Now rumor has it that NOAA, in the next two or
    three months, will be shutting down Georges Bank, where our larger boats fish for cod, haddock and other bottom fish.”

    Who “so-called” officially is floating this trial balloon?

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