Our View: Fishery science will make all the difference

On Tuesday, the top administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, visited New Bedford to meet with local members of the fishing community and spoke in a way that suggests the regulators understand the industry’s perspective. “We are committed to working with the best science and trying to find the right way forward to sustain the health of the fisheries and the fishing community,” she said following a closed-door meeting, a harbor tour and a discussion at the School for Marine Science and Technology in the South End. Read the rest here 08:34

2 Responses to Our View: Fishery science will make all the difference

  1. illusion1256 says:

    How does cooperative research help when NOAA and the NE Science Center treat all but their own science as junk science. When industry has been involved in the science with SMAST or Rutgers we have been right 100% of the time. NOAA has and does try to discredit all other science.
    When Dr.Steve Cadrin gave a talk about yellowtail flounder the next speaker from the Science Center called Steve’s work junk science. When Dr.Doug Butterworth gave a talk the New England Fisheries Council issues a public apology to him for the conduct of the Science Center.
    Until the Science Center and NOAA as a whole are willing to admit that there is other science as good or better than the science that they put out it is unlikely anything will change.
    NOAA controls the science, controls their peer review and trashes any conflicting science. The most flagrant abuse of their science was during trawlgate when NOAA’s survey vessel was towing a distorted net because one tow wire was longer than the other and they put out a report that towing the net sideways you might catch more fish. That would be like saying driving a car sideways it might go faster. Mark Phillips

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      It’s all outcome based science Mark. These agencies have been hijacked by tyrants and self serving a-holes. If their science is ever replaced they will no longer have control to push their industry destroying agenda.

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