A Big Ruckus Over a Little Clam Boat – Commercial Clamming Stirs Short Beach Waters

cultivatorAs concerned neighbors organize to prevent commercial clam digging in sleepy Short Beach cove, a new $1.6 million clamming boat, the Cultivator, continues to stir up both clams and controversy in the waters off Johnson’s Beach. The Cultivator came into the area in and around the Short Beach cove in early summer and neighbors who live there report a far noisier, more intrusive, and frequent operation, one that has disrupted swimmers, surfers, kayakers, and, some say, a sailing school for kids as well as other recreational activities. The snobbery gets thick! Read the rest here 11:52

  • Edward Everich

    This is why I left Branford in 1963 and came to Rhode Island in 1967. Too many lawyers and NIMBIES having to change the shoreline to meet their own agendas which don’t include commercial fishing. Glad I got out when I did with fond memories. I hope they all choke on farm raised salmon !!