Sylvia Earle says our Taste for “Aquatic Bushmeat” is Killing the Sea – She is wrong!

A recent Newsweek article titled, “Our Taste for ‘Aquatic Bushmeat’ is Killing the SeaCFOOD” comments on the state of worldwide fisheries as food. The article uses interviews with Sylvia Earle and the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance to paint a bleak picture of the state of worldwide seafood. The article claims that 90% of fish in the ocean had been removed in the last half-century and 90% of the worlds stocks were unsustainably harvested (since corrected to 29%).  Likening fish to “aquatic bushmeat” Sylvia Earle admonishes people who don’t think about what kind of fish they eat or where the fish is from. Read the rest here 13:42

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