Feature from 1968 on Portuguese fishermen showing Friday Night in New Bedford – Free Admission!

The Dock-U-Mentaries Film Series continues on Friday at 7 p.m. with “The Lonely Dorymen,” a 1968National Geographic program about the Portuguese fishermen who fished for cod on the Grand Banks. Dock-U-Mentaries is a co-production of New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, the New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center, and the Working Waterfront Festival. Read the rest here! 18:39

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  1. Back in 2010 I found all the videos online and have posted them here:


    It is broken down into a six parts along with the ‘WHITE FLEET 1966″ which is the shortened version of the Dory Man video. All the videos play within the website also…they are not links.

    Borehead, if you like to copy the locations and post the videos somewhere on your website, that may be a better option for those who visit FISHERY NATION.

    • sweet Im going to have to check that out I have been wanting to see the full version and only seen parts about the dory fishermen on the Argus. Which was a beautiful ship that I have had the pleasure to sail on 30 years ago when it was named the Polynesia and operated by the now defunked windjammer cruises .