Barry “Baz” Kirk didn’t take to school life but when he went fishing, a new world opened before him.

Barry “Baz” Kirk is Maritime New Zealand’s national adviserTAKING in the sight of an engine room awash does wonders for your awareness of safety at sea. Barry “Baz” Kirk was 17 when it happened to him. “We were between Portland Island and Table Cape, on a big old ex-Scottish trawler called the Golden Grain,” he said. “I’d gone to bed and the skipper, Bruce Cordiner, had taken the boat. When I woke up I went upstairs to see where we were, and Bruce said we were sinking. I thought he was joking until he told me to go down to the engine room, and I saw the bilge was full of water!” That incident 35 years ago resonates with Baz’s later work with Coastguard and Maritime New Zealand. Read the article here 12:31

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