Cod and costs: Lawsuit says groundfishing industry will collapse under cost of new federal mandate

TJI_groundfishing-cod_121715-450x166Maine fishermen would be among those hardest hit by a new federal mandate that requires groundfishing boat captains to pay for at-sea monitors, critics say. The at-sea monitors are federally mandated enforcement contractors who can cost upwards of $700 a day, according to litigants in a new lawsuit against the federal government. In Maine, Portland is a major port for ground fishermen, but more remote places such as Cundy’s Harbor out of Harpswell would be affected as well, said New Hampshire fisherman David Goethel, plaintiff in the new case against the U.S. Department of Commerce. Read the article here 17:11

  • philips66

    F U kilduff let’s see her pay $700 a day for federal monitoring

  • alaskagal

    Would love to see some NOAA officials pay for their own damn observers.

  • Joel Hovanesian

    It just seems like the fishermen aren’t dealing with reality, the reality of budgets, the reality that cod are facing extinction,” Kilduff said.

    This is exactly the type of bomb throwing rhetoric that leads the uninformed to believe the lies spewed from these despicable people in these NGO’s. All these people care about is the green in their bank accounts.

    Ms. Kilduff, can you name one species of fish that has ever been exploited to extinction in the entire history of mankind? Enough with this BS. Go find another industry to destroy.

    Your job is complete here. Congratulations, you and your merry band of green zealots have made American seafood off limits to the American people who are now eating tilapia instead of fresh local wild caught seafood.