Non-EU Europe Fishing Fleets: Europe’s Profitable ‘Outsiders’

Smaragd_1HavyardWEB-54815With three species of migrating cod to fish and new commercial species arriving as oceans warm, Norway is a fisheries Valhalla. Yet, recent boat sales suggest the Scandinavian country’s role is changing. Vessel orders and rules in Norway are propping up yards and designers on Europe’s fringes. Medium-sized hull orders for Romanian, Russian and Turkish boat builders are new, while large vessel orders for Denmark or Spain continue apace. Unconventional Icelandic designs, too, are gaining ground here as catches and profits soar. Read the article here 12:04

One Response to Non-EU Europe Fishing Fleets: Europe’s Profitable ‘Outsiders’

  1. DickyG says:

    While U.S. fishermen go to sea in 35+ year old vessels!

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