Coast Guardsmen find film an apt tribute

“We all live or we all die.” That’s Boatswain Mate Kelly Zimmerman’s favorite line from the movie “The Finest Hours” which he saw at a special showing in Boston with other members of Coast Guard Station Chatham last week. In the film those words are said by actor Chris Pine, who Zimmerman got a chance to meet when the star shadowed him and other Coasties for character development during filming. Those words were first uttered by Coxswain Bernie Webber, whom Pine portrays in the movie. Webber took three other Coast Guardsmen out during a nor’easter on Feb. 18, 1952 to rescue 33 men on the stern of the tanker Pendleton. With waves more than 60-feet high and the deadly Chatham Bar to cross many called the attempt a suicide mission. Read the rest here 09:02

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