Model pitchmen: Fishermen promote “Gloucester Fresh” branding campaign

56c6900216fd5.imageA year ago? No way. But in this, the springish winter of 2015-16, a late-afternoon February photo shoot along the docks at St. Peter’s Square and around the bend of Harbor Cove near Felicia’s Oil wasn’t all that much of a challenge. So, with the sun shining Wednesday afternoon and the temperatures hovering near 50 degrees, Gloucester Economic Development Director Sal Di Stefano accompanied his merry band of fishermen to their boats tied up along the waterfront so they could make like Mrs. Brady for the camera. “Come on Mark, work it,” Di Stefano called to Mark Ring as the Gloucester lobsterman posed on his boat, the Stanley Thomas, for Sperling Interactive photographer Coco Boardman, who is part of the effort to tell the stories of local fishermen. “Where’s that intensity?” Read the story here 08:16

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