California Fishermen snag Twelve foot clubhook squid – That’s a lotta Calamari!

Big clubhook squid- CaliGrant Eberle has seen his fair share of squids in his 20 years at Humboldt State University’s marine laboratory, but none have been as large as the one he got this week. Splayed out on metal tray in the Trinidad-based laboratory was a member of the world’s third largest squid species — the robust clubhook squid. Weighing in between 60 to 70 pounds and at least 12 feet in length from mantle to tentacle tip, Eberle said it was the largest squid he had ever seen. The squid was a bycatch from a local fishing vessel’s dragline net (?) that was about 400 yards underwater. The squid was caught nearly 10 miles south of Eureka and was brought into Eureka on Tuesday, Eberle said.  Read the rest here 12:26

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