Let’s hope Alaska revenue solution isn’t too hard on ‘the other guy’

I keep hoping that the motto of the famous Anchorage bar Chilkoot Charlie’s, “We cheat the other guy and pass the savings on to you,” can work out for me, but in these trying economic and political times, I’m a little concerned. It seems obvious that Alaska’s fiscal crisis will actually require a bit of sacrifice from all of us as well as action from the — so far pathetically unproductive and seemingly delusional — legislative majority. The governor, to his credit, has submitted legislation for a combination of budget cuts and revenue enhancements to bring us something that might resemble sustainable government. As an Alaskan, I’m hoping the  can find the gumption to act soon and wisely enough to stave off economic collapse. As a commercial fisherman, I’m hoping to escape targeting as “the other guy.” Read the rest here 11:05

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