Ayotte Questions NOAA Official on Burdensome Cost of At Sea Monitors for NH Fishermen


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  1. Borehead says:

    The Senator pressed Sam Rauch for justification of not dredging up a measly 3 million bucks to stop the West Coast style NOAA extermination of the NH/NE small boat family fishermen. Mr. Rauch is a well seasoned bureaucrat, and knows how to gig, and gag like the best of them. He was clearly uncomfortable as she showed some God damned passion, and when it comes to the NOAA, its about time. I would like to see that gusto in a full court bi partisan, all hands on deck New England delegation press for some real answers to serious questions about the Bigelow/ NESC science.
    I heard Ed Markey talk more about fish today than ever. Was somewhat surprised that he would interject climate change, ocean acidification, and rising tides, and whatnot!
    The big science question they haven’t answered is, if climate change is such a big deal, why is it NOT INCLUDED in the stock assessments that calculate the fish?
    I think back to the articles Richard Gaines wrote about the the noaa retreats where they dressed up in Camelot costumes, the performance bonuses for shake down, kangaroo courts fueled by the asset forfeiture fund, and they can’t find $3 million dollars?

    • Geordie King says:

      BH; how about tapping into the S$K money? Wasn’t this sort of thing what those monies were originally intended for until NOAA got their greasy hands on it. I find it ironic that as NOAA continues to unnecessarily ramp down domestic fisheries (thereby increasing imports and S&K money) they continue to squeeze even more out of domestic fisherman. Then again these people can only think in terms of millions and not hundreds which puts their minds askew when trying to cypher the economic scale at hand. Thank you senator Ayotte!, job well done.

      • Joel Hovanesian says:

        How about doing away with the program all together.

        And let’s start with this useless bureaucrat Sam Roach. Misspelled purposely for obvious reasons. He obviously cares about the demise of fishermen.

        And lets not forget the despicable groups of fishermen who have cozied up to the feds. and thrown their fellow fishermen under the bus. Groups like the Seafood Harvesters of America who feel the MSA is just fine as is. And the groups in the Gulf of Mexico who are controlling the redfish for themselves at the expense of their fellow watermen. The battle of good vs evil goes on.

  2. Rocky Novello says:



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