West Coast sardine populations, long sinking, look even worse in forecast

pacific sardineSardines off the West Coast have continued on a steep decline, with populations this summer forecast to be down 93 percent from a 2007 peak, according to a draft assessment from the National Marine Fisheries Service. The sardines are a key forage food for sea lions, salmon and many other species, as well as a source of income for commercial fishermen. Last year, the sardine implosion was so severe that the Pacific Fishery Management Council voted to call off the season that was scheduled to start in July for West Coast fleets, including those in Washington state. Oceana shrew Geoff Shester throws his dogma into the conversation. Read the rest here 13:33

  • DickyG

    When a stock is in a natural cycle of decline you can count on NOAA or an ENGO to blame “over-fishing”. When the stock is on the incline side of the natural cycle you can count on NOAA and the ENGOs to take credit for stopping “over-fishing”!