Death of Four Ladies Captain Larry Wayne Sears blamed on poor planning, open stern

B97557196Z.120160303131946000G9HCRDOS.11Lack of preparedness and poor adherence to regulations contributed to a fishing death off Cape Sable Island last year, according to a Transportation Safety Board investigation. On March 9, 64-year-old Shag Harbour captain Larry Wayne Sears went overboard on the Four Ladies 2003 fishing vessel and died. According to the TSB, Sears was trying to haul in another lobster trap and anchor that had fallen off the vessel when stacked lobster traps toppled onto the main deck, knocking him off. Sears was wearing a personal flotation device at the time, and the two crew members tried, unsuccessfully, to get him out of the 3 Celsius water and back onto the boat. Read the rest here 15:15

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