£26k (28,600 US) fine for ‘under cover of darkness’ scallop fishermen

13804490TWO French fishermen who regularly illegally dredged for scallops in Jersey waters after sneaking in ‘under the cover of darkness’ have been fined a total of £26,000. Arnaud Delalonde (46) and Tony Mesnage (43), from Cherbourg, pulled up almost ten tonnes of the highly prized shellfish inside the three-mile limit from Jersey’s shores which is reserved for local fishermen. But their secret evening and night-time raids on Island fish stocks came to an end in November 2014 when Delalonde’s vessel, Pescadore, was boarded by fisheries protection officers during a stealth operation after being monitored using state-of-the-art tracking technology. Read the rest here 18:36

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