On Ernest Hemingway’s great love: His boat

Paul Hendrickson’s new biography of Ernest Hemingway is a story of love and companionship, between Hemingway and Pilar — his boat. “She had been intimately his, and he hers, for 27 years, which were his final 27 years,” Hendrickson writes of Pilar, the fishing vessel Hemingway docked in Cuba. When Hendrickson first saw Pilar, which has outlived Hemingway by more than half a century, the boat was “dying in the sun” at Finca Vigia, Hemingway’s house 12 miles outside Havana. Now, with Cuba’s tourism industry kicking into high gear thanks to the thawing of relations between the island nation and the U.S., the boat has been restored. For the full interview with Paul Hendrickson on “Hemingway’s Boat,” use the audio player above. Click here 08:34

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