Sandy Hook Bay National Marine Sanctuary proposal pounded by wave after wave of criticism

The main proponent of a “marine sanctuary” that would include some 12,500 acres of northeastern Monmouth County waters found himself pounded by wave after wave of criticism Wednesday night. With 75 or so commercial and recreational fishermen, clammers, hunters and others packed into a basement meeting room at the Red Bank Public Library, and a comparable number turned away due to crowding, maritime historian Rik Van Hemmen got a cold reception for his proposal for a Sandy Hook Bay National Marine Sanctuary, which he hopes will win federal approval. Read the rest here 08:17

  • Ec Newell Man

    It’s the un-ending battle against progressives seeking federal government intervention into our and our families daily lives for little or no reason.

    In this day and age after several years of the most intrusive, world-damaging and lawless administration in our countries history, few of us want to hear this dribble:

    “a special area with special goals, and “the public gets to set the goals for the sanctuary and to propose the sanctuary designation to congress,”

    Mr. Van Hemmen should have been well aware before the meeting that many of us have little if any trust with those in congress, nor those who are pussy-footing around the issue and implications of essentially creating a “marine sanctuary” …especially when this area is now freely open to ALL to use responsibly.

    Thankfully a great turnout for the meeting has brought attention to this issue right here in our area.