Drugged Fish Lose Their Inhibitions, Get the Munchies

Hundreds of different pharmaceuticals are able to slip past conventional wastewater treatment plants and into our waterways, says Jerker Fick, a toxicologist at Umeå University in Sweden and co-author of the new study. “They don’t mysteriously go away after we excrete them.” Scientists have known    for a long time that many pharmaceuticals can persist in rivers and streams, and have behavioral effects on aquatic species in high doses, he says; however, determining whether more dilute concentrations have an effect is harder to establish. Read more here

  • I talked with a brilliant man in NC about this issue last summer. He pointed out how many drugs including birth control are having a negative impact on marine life. He said we needed to stop dumping wastewater into our waterways. One way we could do this is by using wastewater in energy production. Turn the wastewater into steam to turn turbines that produce electricity. This would solve several problems with very little if any negative impact.

  • That was a great article. It is too bad most eco-charities are only interested in doing what benefits their corporate puppet masters rather than actually focusing on solving problems that can get broad support from almost everyone.

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      I posted a bunch of others at newsvine but got frustrated trying to find them at the new newsvine. I’ll find them and post them. Good reading, and it shows the agenda driven ENGOs as the out of touch frauds they are.
      Blaming fishermen for everything wrong is going to come to a grinding hault!