The Saga continues on ‘Deadliest Catch’ “It’s official: Elliott’s out, Jake’s in!

elliott-neese-new-2600Capt. Elliott Neese is officially off “Deadliest Catch” season 12 and Capt. Jake Anderson will take over the Saga. According to a tweet by Discovery, Neese won’t be on this season. The network wrote on Twitter Thursday: “It’s official: Elliott’s out, Jake’s in: 5 days til #DeadliestCatch”. In an interview Elliott gave recently, he said he wasn’t going to be on “Deadliest Catch” so he could focus on himself after his stint in rehab. Last year he battled serious alcohol and drug problems and it affected his work aboard the F/V Saga. He was seen throwing temper tantrums and taking his frustrations out on the crew. Video, Read the rest here 19:24

  • G.A.S.

    TV captain? Real captain? What a joke. ..Where’s the reality?

    • Borehead

      You caught that! Questions of ownership are also mentioned. Good catch, GAS!

    • Landomando

      I don’t know if that is a spite thing or what? But, if that is true Jake, needs to go to another boat and let the Saga do its own thing off the air. Jake is too good of a guy to be referred to as the “TV Captain” with a “real” captain not on the show…Fuck the Saga and Fuck Elliot, I felt bad for him and his struggles until he said that shit.