Newfoundland and Labrador – Quotas down but prices up for 2016 crab fishing season

2012-04-11-08-08-12-DSCF0715%20%205%20X%207For 2016 the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) for the Region is 43,802 tonnes, an overall quota level decrease of approximately 13 percent from last year. However, incomes from crab fishing should be as good, or better, than last year, thanks to an increase in prices. This year the average price for crab is $3 a pound. “It’s the best price in 10 years, and 50 cents better than last year,” says Robert Feenan, project manager for the Fish Food and Allied Workers. A couple of factors are playing into this year’s price,,, Read the article, Click here 10:36

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