Maine finalizes deal to preserve Tenants Harbor Working Waterfront

DSC_2244.JPGThe Maine Department of Marine Resources obtained a working waterfront covenant March 11 on the wharf owned by the four Miller brothers — Hale, Ira, Dan and Peter — at 12 Commercial St. in Tenants Harbor. The covenant means that the pier must be used for commercial fishing. The wharf is used by more than 100 lobstermen, scallopers, urchin fishermen and seaweed harvesters. Over the years, landings have included shrimp and groundfish. In exchange for the working waterfront covenant, which ensures the wharf owners cannot develop or use the property for anything other than commercial working waterfront activities, the state will pay $250,000, an amount determined by a standardized working waterfront property appraisal, according to the news release. Read the article here 07:03

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