Slow start to west coast coldwater shrimp fishing as price disputes erupt in Oregon, Quebec

hi-shrimp-852The US west coast coldwater pink shrimp (pandalus jordani) season that should have started April 1 has been held up by price negotiations between fishermen and processors. Meanwhile, on the east of Canada in Quebec, shrimp fishing also is being held up due to price issues between harvesters and processors. In Oregon, price negotiations between the two have been traditionally overseen by the state, much as the Dungeness crab price talks have been, but this year the industry opted out of the state process. Now it’s up to shrimp associations to negotiate directly with processors. “Processors put out a price structure that does not reflect the market, in our opinion,” said pink shrimp fisherman Nick Edwards. “[The] Shrimp Producers Marketing Cooperative hopes to work collectively with the processors to get the fleet on the water.” Read the rest here 07:57

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