Controversial National Marine Sanctuary Proposed for Sandy Hook Region

Rik van Hemmen, a marine engineer based in Red Bank, has proposed to turn a corner of northeastern Monmouth County into a national marine sanctuary. The sanctuary, tentatively called the Sandy Hook Bay National Marine Sanctuary, would stretch from the Navesink and Shrewsbury rivers and around Sandy Hook and the Sandy Hook Bay. However, Monmouth County fishermen are vehemently opposed to the idea, which they say would very likely result in restrictions or even bans on fishing and clamming in the Sandy Hook region. “We have all federal, local and state layers of protection. The marine sanctuary doesn’t make it any stronger. All it does is, it’s going to restrict traditional user groups such as recreational and commercial fishermen, duck hunters, clammers, etc.” Jim Donofrio, director of the Recreational Fishing Alliance, told the APP. Read the rest here 07:06

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  1. DickyG says:

    Not exactly the whole story as represented here,
    “…NOAA put out a call for proposed marine sanctuaries and said it would start in a bottom-up process, with nominations from ordinary citizens such as van Hemmen.”

    Oops! Sorry, but Rik van Hemmen is not exactly an “ordinary citizen”. He is the president of a marine consulting firm which has worked with NOAA and deals in international shipping, salvage, and surveying and litigations:

    Rik F. van Hemmen, President and Senior Partner, MARTIN, OTTAWAY, van HEMMEN & DOLAN, INC.

    “Recognized as one of the United States’ foremost marine consulting firms, Martin & Ottaway is accustomed to providing engineering and surveying services on short notice all over the world.”

    “The firm is active in, and has deep access to, many technical and
    industry organizations and runs an extensive outreach program.”

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