Letter: Fishermen must band together – Sam Frontiero, Gloucester – do what you have to do

I’ve been writing letters as a fishermen’s advocate for years now because I was a fisherman for almost 40 years, it’s been the history of my family for generations, and still is. It really bothers me what this government is doing to this tradition so that it ends in a recognized “economic disaster” because of rules and regs which are discriminatory to this industry only. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Fisherman are a very passive breed. They’ll work as hard as anyone but when it comes to really get together, they let that part go. NOAA isn’t going to quit, so do what you have to do. Read the letter

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    “NOAA isn’t going to quit, so do what you have to do.”

    Sam, You are so right.
    The evidence is overwhelming.

    The political appointments to the leadership positions that now control this industry have abandoned the mission that was to help US Fishermen deliver the resources to the American people that own them, in favor of conservation instead of utilization.

    The people that continue to thrive in the cottage industry of corporate/ foundation funded ENGO tax exempt legal boiler rooms never have to worry about losing their chosen vocation, destroying working people.

    If there is to be salvation of this industry, it’s up to all that are involved in it from catching, to processing, to transporting and selling, and the extended business that are tied to it to unify as one solid entity, and take control of this industry’s destiny.

    We all know somebody that has been destroyed because of the ENGO generated policy’s of ruin.

    I also want to take the opportunity to remind John Bullard of his calous words.
    “No one was guarenteed a job for life”

    Remember that , John, it goes both ways. Not just in the elimination of US Fishermen. Put a memo out to your people.

    It’s only the beginning.