A reminder of Conor Shea

2016-04-21-01-53-08-PI-AXX-XXXX2016-ConorPLEASANT VIEW — It’s fishing-ready but this is one lobster trap that won’t be going back in the water. Lobster fisherman Mike Shea found this reminder of his late son, Conor Shea, while out repairing his lobster gear. Last week, while Mike Shea was going over his gear in preparation for the spring lobster season, he flipped one trap over and his eyes fixed on some handiwork his son, Conor, made last year. Concrete is poured into the base of the traps for extra weight. While the concrete was still wet, Conor had drawn a picture of a lobster in one block and etched his name in two other blocks. Conor Shea, 14, passed away on January 17 in a snowmobile collision. Read the rest here 11:19 Humble and Kind, by Tim McGraw for Coner. Click here

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