Depth of Despair: Coorong fishermen on suicide watch after struggling to co-inhabit with long-nosed fur seals

ee1557c1907ccafda591014e6e8eb1acCoorong fishermen express grave fears for their future cohabitation with long-nosed fur seals with “five men on suicide watch”. Southern Fishermen’s Association president Garry Hera-Singh shared his fears for the mental health of local fishermen and their families. “Two men are on high risk suicide watch and three on medium risk,” he said. “I call one man in particular every day to make sure he’s still getting by because he is in a lot of debt.” Mr Hera-Singh said if the seals return in numbers similar to last year, by “mid-year things will be chaotic”. “I’d say up to seven businesses will not survive this season,” he said. Read the rest here 08:54

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