Aussie fishermen use drone to catch massive tuna

e994a5fed24d09673805f951afc2d27f_3_social_largeForget sitting idly for hours with an empty hook at the end of your line. A pair of WA fishermen have come up with an “ingenious” and remarkably efficient way to nab a catch – all with the help of a drone. In a video uploaded to YouTube late last week Jaiden MacClean from Dunsborough and his mate Byron Leal load their drone up with a baited hook. At the other end of the line Mr Leal is waiting on shore with a fishing rod. Once a school of tuna is spotted, the drone drops the line in with pinpoint accuracy. Within seconds an enormous tuna takes the bait and Mr Leal reels in the prize catch. Watch video, read the rest here 09:22

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