An Indonesian Fisherman claims he heard an Angel fall from the sky!

33C478E200000578-3570702-Heaven_sent_Villagers_gave_the_angel_a_fresh_change_of_clothes_a-m-5_1462259989062Indonesian villagers were shocked to discover the “angel” they found on a beach was actually a sex toy. The figure was found last month by a fisherman who claimed he heard the “angel child” falling from the sky. Local media said it was “found face down, crying and naked covered only by a white cloth”. It was described as “shining white, with round eyes with red eyebrows”. Pardin, 21, rescued it from the water and took it home, where his mother took care of it like a real human, dressing it every day in a different blouse and hijab and sitting in a chair. Word spread in the small village on Banggai island off central Sulawesi with embellishments added to the story too, such as that the ‘angel child’ was found stranded and crying, according to local media. link 12:41

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