‘Deadliest Catch’ Drama of the Week: Is Captain Wild Bill Questioning His Son’s Manhood?

“Deadliest Catch” is bringing some surprises to the wheelhouse this season, with the many ups and downs of new–and seasoned–skippers. Last week, fans saw Captain Keith deciding to make a change in his life; tonight on Discovery Channel, will Captain Wild Bill ask some similarly life-altering questions? Wild Bill’s relationship with his son has always seemed strained. Wild Bill, of course, is an old-school fisherman, guiding the Cape Caution with all that his years of experience at sea have taught him. And, typically, that approach is much more direct and black-and-white than that of his son, Zack Larson, who grew up with today’s, let’s face it, more forgiving-of-failure attitude. Wild Bill’s expectations for his son are extremely high, but, time and time again, it just seems Zack disappoints. Read the rest here   14:09

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