Letter: Lobster decline’s link to warmth not clear

lobsterDM0811_468x521On Saturday, The Bulletin presented an article, “Research supports blaming warmer waters for lobster decline,” which was somewhat confusing. On my weekly visits to the local markets, large marine seawater aquariums are typical and usually overfilled with lobsters with frequent sales available, indicating little or no decline noticeable for the popular lobster. These are animals typical marine bottom-feeders living in cold bottom water temperatures, characteristic of the marine environment. The article reports that the populations in New England waters are booming. The temperature typical of the lobster environment was not reported, and therefore one can only assume that bottom water temperature has not changed significantly and probably is not a factor in the lobster environment. Without the temperature data available, it is hard to understand the suggestion concerning lobster decline in the article. Many of these types of presentations appear to be based on emotion and not on the scientific data. DONALD E. LEONE SR. Norwich link 11:19

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  1. philips66 says:

    the big green mafia don’t want the facts out there. emotion works much better for them

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