Thousands of Chilean fishermen protest low compensation as Deadly Red Tide Blooms in Southern Chile

E28C7D6B-7BD2-4BEE-9A3C-FC242A1B4223_cx0_cy10_cw0_mw1024_mh1024_sThousands of Chilean fishermen blocked roads with barricades in the region of Los Lagos on Monday and Tuesday, saying government efforts to mitigate the economic effects of a harmful algal bloom have been insufficient. For the last four weeks, the southern-central region of Los Lagos has been plagued by what scientists say is the biggest “red tide” in its history. The red tide – an algal bloom that turns the sea water red – is a common, naturally recurring phenomenon in southern Chile, though the extent of the current outbreak is unprecedented. The government has offered to pay each affected family 100,000 pesos ($151) each in compensation, an amount fishermen have widely rejected as insufficient. Read the rest here 14:44

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